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Open Mould is looking for ambassadors 

We are looking for professionals, organizations and companies that deal with sales, consultancy and services in the plastics and molds sector, interested in promoting our solution. Our Partners enjoy a privileged channel in terms of technical-training support and access to internal resources, as well as exclusive benefits reserved for members of their communities.

Do you want to become our Ambassador? 


Describe Open Mold by showing the advantages of the platform. 


Encourage your customers to sign up and use Open Mold for their business. 


Explain to your customers the potential and all the functions of Open Mold. 

Why are Open Mold ambassadors excited? 

Because I offer my clients something unique 

By promoting Open Mold, the ambassador offers its customers the concrete opportunity to expand their business through an innovative service, for the first time in the world. 

Because my income is stable

The more companies win, the more the ambassador earns. Clients brought into Open Mold guarantee the ambassador a constant stream of revenue on the commissions paid.

Because I make a real profit 

Open Mold recognizes to ambassadors 30% of the value of the commission paid to the platform by the Supplier on each winning bid.

Leave your references and you will be contacted by our team 

Download the presentation pdf

Discover all the benefits of Open Mould.

Download the presentation pdf

Discover all the benefits of Open Mould.