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Protect your personal data!

For us at Open Mould, the protection of personal data plays a fundamental role.

A secure platform

Our company is based in Switzerland, which considers the issue of data protection to be of great importance. In fact, Open Mould protects your personal data according to the most strict regulations, namely the

Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA)
Swiss Data Protection Ordinance (DPO)
GDPR Compliant

These ordinances in addition to being compliant with the GDPR offer a higher degree of protection.

The data stored on our servers in Switzerland can only be accessed after a detailed and motivated request by the judicial authorities, carefully examined by the Swiss judiciary.

Swiss Hosting


Open Mold relies on the Swiss company Tinext for cloud management. The Swiss Hosting logo indicates that Tinext's servers are located only in Swiss territory and are subject only to Swiss law. The Swiss Hosting logo makes two promises to our customers. First: your data will remain in Switzerland. Second: control over your data will remain in Switzerland. Click here for more info.

Open Mould undertakes to keep data following the highest standards of privacy protection! For more information on our Privacy Policy click here

Furthermore, while using the service, we recognize the importance of the information (Mathematics, Drawings, Specifications, etc.) exchanged within the platform. In fact, all users accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement in order to access it. They therefore undertake not to disclose the information in their possession to third parties.

For more information on our NDA  click here  .